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Breathe Easy with Sustainable Comfort: TimberFill Wood Fiber Insulation by iFOAM.

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Looking for eco-friendly insulation that prioritizes comfort, health, and the environment? Look no further than TimberFill wood fiber insulation, expertly installed by iFOAM of Greater North Denver.

Tired of battling drafts and soaring energy bills? TimberFill offers a revolutionary solution for homeowners seeking peak comfort and energy efficiency, while helping the environment.

iFOAM: Your Trusted Partner in Healthy Homes


At iFOAM, we're a locally owned and operated company dedicated to clear communication, fair pricing, and reliable service. We're passionate about creating healthy and eco-friendly homes, and TimberFill is a perfect example of our commitment.

TimberFill Wood Fiber Insulation: Nature's Comfort for Your Home


TimberFill isn't your average insulation. Made from recycled wood chips, it's a sustainable marvel that delivers superior performance for your home. Here's how TimberFill can transform your living space:

  • Unmatched Year-Round Comfort: Enjoy consistent comfort with exceptional thermal performance. TimberFill keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, translating to significant energy bill savings.
  • Safety You Can Trust: Wood fiber insulation might seem unconventional, but TimberFill prioritizes safety. It achieves a Class A fire-resistance rating (ASTM E84 standard), the highest possible rating, for your peace of mind.
  • Breathe Easy, Live Healthy: Unlike traditional options that trap moisture, TimberFill is naturally vapor open. This allows moisture to escape and prevents mold and mildew growth, promoting a healthier environment for your family.
  • Find Your Quiet Sanctuary: Say goodbye to outside noise! TimberFill excels at noise reduction. The high density effectively dampens sound waves, creating a peaceful haven within your home.
  • Sustainable Choice for a Greener Future: Made from recycled wood chips, TimberFill minimizes your home's carbon footprint. Embrace a greener future while enjoying a more comfortable home.

Invest in Your Home, Invest in Yourself

iFOAM of Greater North Denver is proud to offer TimberFill wood fiber insulation for new construction and retrofits. Get a free consultation today! Breathe easier, live better, and embrace a sustainable future with iFOAM and TimberFill.

Ready to learn more? Fill out a contact form on our website or call us to discuss TimberFill and how we can help you achieve optimal home comfort. Let's work together to make your dream of a healthy, eco-friendly home a reality!