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BATT Insulation

Trusted BATT Insulation Installation: Your Path to Comfort

BATT insulation is a popular and effective type of insulation commonly used for new construction and renovations designed to improve the energy efficiency of your space by reducing heat transfer and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. iFOAM offers BATT insulation that provides excellent thermal resistance, reduces noise transmission, and is affordable above all else.

Our BATT insulation contractors will provide you with a detailed plan and estimate after a free consultation. At iFOAM, we'll ensure that your home is set to receive the highest quality insulation materials and installation services. We back our residential and commercial services with a commitment to customer satisfaction, using only the best materials and techniques to achieve optimal results.

Maximize comfort and reduce energy costs with our professional batt insulation services. Dial (855) 935-4723 to book a free estimate now. Or reach out online.

What Is BATT Insulation?

A person installing rolls of yellow BATT insulation in a new home

BATT insulation is pre-cut rectangular insulation made from fiberglass, mineral wool, or natural fibers like cotton or sheep’s wool. The insulation rolls are designed to fit between wall studs, floor joists, attic spaces, and more. 

Our BATT insulation comes in standard sizes to accommodate most wall cavities but can also be custom-cut for a perfect fit. It is a cost-effective option that provides excellent thermal performance and is easy to install compared to other types of insulati.

3 Types of BATT Insulation: Fiberglass, Mineral Wool, & Natural Fibers

Here are three common types of BATT insulation to consider:

  • Fiberglass. The most affordable option, fiberglass offers good insulation value. However, it can be itchy to handle and may lose effectiveness over time if exposed to moisture.
  • Mineral Wool. Made from volcanic rock or recycled materials, mineral wool is fire-resistant and offers excellent insulation. It's also more moisture-resistant than fiberglass and comfortable to touch.
  • Natural Fibers. This eco-friendly option is made from cotton or sheep's wool and provides good insulation and noise control. However, it can be more expensive than other BATT insulation types and may be less fire-resistant.

Are you wondering which BATT insulation is right for you? We can help you choose the right insulation material for your home and budget.

How Does BATT Insulation Work?

BATT insulation functions by capturing air within its fibers, thereby reducing the rate of heat transfer. The science behind it is based on the principle of thermal resistance, or R-value, which measures how well the insulation resists heat flow.

By minimizing heat transfer, BATT insulation helps maintain a warmer home during winter and a cooler one during summer. The dense material blocks drafts and minimizes heat loss, ensuring a more comfortable home year-round.

Want cost-effective insulation that works? Explore our BATT insulation solutions and start saving on energy bills! Request your free consultation online or call us at (855) 935-4723.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing BATT Insulation?

Choosing BATT insulation over other types brings a plethora of benefits, improving not only the comfort and energy efficiency of your home but also offering practical advantages. 

Here are the main reasons why BATT insulation stands out as an exceptional choice for your insulation needs.

  • Boosts Energy Efficiency: BATT insulation reduces heat transfer, helping maintain your home’s temperature, decreasing energy consumption, and lowering utility bills.
  • Promotes Cost Savings: It optimizes HVAC system performance, leading to energy savings and potentially lower maintenance costs, offering substantial financial benefits.
  • Improves Comfort: This insulation type helps regulate indoor temperatures, reducing drafts and temperature fluctuations for a more comfortable living environment.
  • Enhances Noise Control: Acting as a sound barrier, BATT insulation minimizes external and internal noise, contributing to a quieter, more peaceful home.
  • Easy Installation and Versatility: With pre-cut pieces for easy handling and the flexibility to be installed in various home areas, it is a convenient and versatile insulation solution.

iFOAM doesn't just offer insulation solutions but a commitment to enhancing your home's comfort, efficiency, and value. We provide free consultations tailored to your needs, whether you're retrofitting your home with insulation or embarking on a renovation or new construction project. Let's work together to make your home or business the best it can be!  

  • STEP
    Schedule a Free Assessment
    During your free in-home assessment, we’ll evaluate insulation levels and provide honest recommendations for improvement. We’ll leave you with a free estimate to know just what to expect, and we’ll answer all your questions.
  • STEP
    Let Our Team Install
    Thanks to our simple and easy installation process, your new insulation system will be installed before you know it! They’ll make sure to get the work done efficiently, accurately, and with minimal disruption to your daily routine.
  • STEP
    Ensure Quality
    With the help of advanced testing techniques and proprietary technology, our team can accurately measure and diagnose insulation performance in any home, ensuring your new installation is working at its best and you’re free of other issues.
  • STEP
    Before we leave, we’ll make sure to clean up any mess created during the installation process. We take pride in leaving our customers’ homes as clean as we found them.
  • STEP
    Final Inspection
    To finish off our service, we’ll conduct a final inspection to ensure your satisfaction with the installation process and the results. We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment and feeling comfortable in your newly insulated space.

Trust in Professional Installation for Optimal Results

Professional installation is paramount in maximizing the benefits of BATT insulation. An expertly done job ensures optimal thermal performance and minimizes potential issues, such as uneven temperature distribution or energy leaks. 

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  • How Do I Know If My Home Needs New Insulation?
    Our experts can provide an accurate assessment of the state of your home’s insulation and energy efficiency with state-of-the-art technology and years of industry know-how. Give us a call to learn more!
  • Why Use Spray Foam?

    Spray foam has been rated to have the highest efficiency and R-value when compared to other insulation (like batt fiberglass). Furthermore, spray foam's intuitive design allows it to create an airtight seal even in tricky and problematic spaces. It has been proven to keep out air pollutants and help soundproof buildings.

  • How Much Will My Installation Cost?

    Prices vary from project to project. For an accurate assessment tailor-made to your home's needs, give our team a call today! You can also discover additional insights on why spray foam is worth the cost by visiting our blog.